About A Community Funeral Home

We realize that there are many choices for funeral homes, so why do families choose A Community Funeral Home? It's because our staff provide a higher level of 70 plus years of combined funeral services experience, as well as educating them about funeral homes taking advantage of their grief and vulnerability. With this in mind, we at A Community Funeral Home want to break the cycle so that is why we offer an affordable $4,999.00 Complete Funeral Service Package.


Our staff will makes sure each and every request of yours is carried through with attention to detail and care. It is our goal to make the planning and preparation for the funeral and cremation service as stress-free and easy as possible for families and loved ones. Your arrangements will be memorable and exactly to your specifications. A Community Funeral Home offers respectful and traditional services that will take the planning burden off your shoulders and provide you with a peace of mind.


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